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About us

Organique is a pioneer in natural cosmetics in Poland. For over 14 years we have produced natural, healthy and environmentally friendly cosmetics for body, hair and face care.

The firm came into being on 1 June 2000 as a one-man manufactory. Tomasz Czarski – originator, owner and president of Organique – began by producing glycerin soaps alone. 

Together with other interested parties, he introduced and promoted on the Polish market stores of the 'mydlarnia' type – 'soaperies'. The firm gradually expanded, as did the range produced.

The great commitment of the team, the sustainable development and the short product series allowed for the creation of a unique offer, unprecedented on the Polish market.

In 2004 the firm began to sell abroad – initially to Norway and Germany – with Organique cosmetics today familiar in countries including Greece, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Switzerland, the USA, the United Kingdom, Hungary and Italy, as well as in Australia and in Benelux countries. In March 2009 Organique began selling to spa salons. The first series of professional cosmetics appeared, along with their retail equivalents. Customers valued the new quality – in 2009 Organique received the Perfect Line award from Business Spa Magazine, and in March 2010 and 2011 the Beauty Premium from Beauty Forum. The years 2012 and 2013 brought In Style, Piękność Dnia (beauty of the day) awards and Viva certificate. Organique cosmetics can be found at the best spas, as well as at Organique stores, both in Poland and abroad.



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